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230701 SH2-54 Tail of the Snake Nebula - RASA36 IHO
IHO (Infrared-Halpha-OIII) image, ASI6200MM PRO, 4,8h integration time, 60-15-60s Subs, Ha with good seeing, strong gradiens with moonlight
03.07.2023, 17:58:01


230624 IC4592 Blue Horsehead Nebula - Takahashi FSQ-106ED LRGB Australia remote
LRGB image, QHY 600M, BIN1, 8.3h integration time (80% used), excellent seeing. Remote data from Heavens Mirror Observatory, Australia.
06.08.2023, 15:36:12


230622 NGC6910 Starcluster in Swan - RASA36 IHO
IHO image (Infrared/Hydrogen/Oxygen), ASI 6200MM PRO, 8.0h integration time, fair seeing (1.4"-1.7"), 2 nights
25.06.2023, 22:18:37


230531 NGC 6946 Fireworks Galaxy - CDK17 - HLRGB
HLRGB image, ASI6200MM PRO, 10.3h integration time (from 25.6h), mediocre seeing, several nights
04.07.2023, 20:50:42


230524 M51 Whirlpool Galaxy - CDK17 nativ HLRGB
HLRGB image, ASI6200MM PRO, 16.8h exposition time (120-30-60-60-60s subs), 4.2h integration time (25% used), good to mediocre seeing (1.2"-1.8"), new moon to half moon (5 nights).
28.05.2023, 07:55:24


230523 M101 With Supernova - CDK nativ HaLRGB
HaLRGB image, ASI6200MM PRO, 2.8h integration time, no moon, good seeing (1.2-1.6"), some high clouds.
24.05.2023, 00:41:22


230522 NGC5907 Star Stream Galaxy - CDK nativ LRGB
LRGB image, ASI6200mm Pro, 3.5h integration time (only 10% removed). Good to medium seeing (1.3...1.7"). New moon.
22.05.2023, 21:24:10


230520 SH2-86 Vulpecula Nebula - RASA36 IHO
IHO image (Luma for Infrared Bandpass filter), ASI6200mm PRO, 12.1h integration time (95%), medium seeing (1.5-1.6").
21.05.2023, 21:38:57


230506 NGC1566 Spanish Dancer - HST LRGB
LRGB image, HST CCD Kamera, 2x1 mosaic, best possible seeing (0,05″).
02.01.2024, 17:45:40


230504 M13 Hercules Globular Cluster - CDK17 nativ LRGB
LRGB image, ASI6200MM PRO, 3.3h integration time (65% from 5.0h selected), 55% linear crop, 80% moon, excellent seeing 1.1"-1.2".
04.05.2023, 13:09:17


230501 Cederblad116 Nebula - Planewave CDK24 HSO - Chile remote
HSO (Hubble palette) image, QHY 600M, 4.2h integration time, good seeing, remote data from TL Chile
25.11.2023, 20:48:38


230430 M109 Barred Spiral Galaxy - CDK17 nativ LRGB
LRGB image, ASI6200MM PRO, 2.3h integration time (50% of 4.6h), medium seeing
20.07.2023, 20:58:55


230427 NGC4438 & 4435 Eyes of Virgin - CDK nativ LRGB
LRGB image, ASI6200MM PRO, 3.0h integration time (70% from 4.2h selected), 80% crop, new moon, medium good seeing 1.4"-1.6".
27.04.2023, 17:13:18


230422 M53 Globular Cluster - CDK17 nativ LRGB
LRGB image, ASI6200MM PRO, 2.4h integration time (22% from 10.8h selected), new moon, good seeing 1.3"-1.6".
22.04.2023, 20:22:44


230421 Coal Sack Dark Nebula Widefield - Takahashi FSQ-106ED HSO Australia remote
HSO image, QHY 600M, BIN1, 4.9h integration time, all subs used, very good seeing
09.08.2023, 00:32:26


230419 NGC7023 Iris Nebula - CDK24 Chile remote
LRGB image, SBIG STX-1683 CCD camera, 1.1h integration time.
19.05.2023, 23:01:12


230419 NGC4725 Seyfert Galaxy - CDK24 Chile RGB
RGB image from a remote observatory in Chile. Developed by Claus Possberg 2023
19.04.2023, 20:01:45


230411 NGC4438 and Markarian's Chain - RASA36 2x1 Mosaik YRGB
YRGB image, ASI6200MM Pro, 2x1 Mosaik, 5.5h (of ca. 12h) integration time, good seeing (1.3"-1.5"). Bad Light pollution with moonlight.
14.04.2023, 18:13:18


230411 RCW2 Seagull Head Nebula - CDK24 Chile remote HSO
HSO Narrowband image, Hubble III palette (modified), QHY600M, 4.3h integration time, very good seeing, Chile remote telescope from TL-network.
28.02.2024, 20:43:47


230407 M104 Sombrero Galaxy - CDK nativ LRGB
LRGB image, ASI6200MM PRO, 3.5h Exposure time, 2.1h (60%) min integration time, half moon, mediocre to bad seeing (1.8"-2,5").
15.04.2023, 16:34:58


230406 NGC2903 Barred Spiral Galaxy in Leo - CDK nativ LRGB
HaLRGB image, ASI6200MM PRO, 4.3h integration time (70% used of 4.9h). Good to medicro seeing (1.4"-1.8").
08.04.2023, 20:30:41


230405 NGC4565 Needle Galaxy - CDK nativ LRGB
LRGB image, ASI6200MM PRO, 7.5h exposition time, 4.3h (58%) integrated, Full moon, mixed mediocre seeing (1.5-2.1").
05.04.2023, 22:14:47


230404 ARP316 Galaxy Group - CDK nativ LRGB
LRGB image, ASI6200MM PRO, 2.9h integration time (50%), bright full moon, mediocre seeing (around 1.8").
07.04.2023, 18:10:50


230401 Large Magellanic Cloud - Takahashi FSQ-106ED HLRGB Australia remote
HaLRGB image, QHY600M, 9.7h integration time, excellent seeing, data from the TL network.
26.01.2024, 22:13:25


230331 IC410 and IC405 Auriga Nebulae - Takahashi FSQ-106ED HSO Spanien remote
HSO image, QHY 600M, Hubble III palette (modified), 5h integration time, top seeing
24.04.2023, 16:21:25


230329 IC2944 Running Chicken Nebula Closeup - CDK24 Chile remote
HSO (Hubble 4 palette) image, QHY 600M, 5.5h integration time, very good seeing, remote data from TL network, Chile, el Sauce Observaty.
29.12.2023, 17:08:16


230329 Henize 70 Superbubble - Planewave CDK24 HSO Chile remote
HSO image, QHY 600M, BIN2, 4.9h integration time, 95% subs used, very good seeing
09.08.2023, 16:52:04


230324 Cederblad106c Supernova Remnand - CDK24 HSO Chile remote
HSO (Hubble II Palette) image, QHY 600M Pro, BIN2, 3.8h integration time from 4.5h. Good seeing. Remote data from the El Sauce Observatory, Chile.
13.08.2023, 21:34:15


230319 Mauretanien Sky with Orion Ultrawidefield - Sony FE35mm f
RGB image, Sony A1, 100 subs with 4 sek, 7 min total integration time, good seeing, very dark (Mauretanian desert)
25.04.2023, 13:49:51


230301 LDN 1625 Dark Nebula in Rosette - CDK nativ HSO
Narrowband image HSO II, ASI6200MM PRO, 5.4h integration time (70% used). good seeing 1.2"-1.6".
05.04.2023, 22:08:38


230228 NGC4244 Silver Needle Galaxy - CDK nativ LRGB
LRGB image, ASI6200MM PRO, 10.6h exposition time, 90% (9.5h) integrated, Full moon, mixed seeing (1.2-1.5").
06.03.2023, 05:28:48


230227 M35 Globular Cluster - CDK nativ LRGB
LRGB image, ASI6200MM PRO, 50min integration time, waxing half moon, mediocre seeing (around 1.8").
09.04.2023, 18:04:22


230226 EtaCarina West - Takahashi FSQ-106ED HSO Australia remote
HSO image, QHY 600M, BIN1, 12.0h integration time, 95% subs used, Halpha overexposed
04.08.2023, 12:57:48


230213 GUM37 The Southern Tadpole Nebula - CDK24 HSO Chile remote
HSO (Hubble 4 palette) image, QHY 600M, 6.7h integration time, very good seeing, remote data from TL network, Chile, el Sauce Observaty.
28.12.2023, 16:15:46


230211 SH2-260 Filamentary Nebula - CDK reduced HGB
HaOB image, ASI6200MM PRO, 10.5h integration time (13.9h aquired) in four nights with different moon phases. Seeing changing good to bad (1.4"-2.2").
16.04.2023, 13:34:55


230208 SH2-292 Gullwing Head - CDK reduced HGB
HGB image, ASI6200MM PRO, only 0.75h integration time (1h exposed). bad seeing, heavily denoised
24.04.2023, 20:54:12


230111 Abell 31 Planetary Nebula - CDK reduced HOGB
Ha-OIII-Green-Blue image, ASI6200MM PRO, 18.6h exposure time, 6.5h integration time, difficult seeing conditions 1.4"-3.0", lots of subs (65%) rejected
01.03.2023, 13:19:47


230111 NGC2467 Scull and Crossbone Nebula - CDK17 reduced HRGB
HaRGB image, ASI6200MM PRO, only 35 min integration time. This is an southern sky object! Never more than 14 degree over the horizon! Excellent seeing, 1.1"-1.3", but degraded to 1.6"-2.2" because of the ultra low imaging angle.
11.01.2023, 15:35:04


230108 NGC2403 small bright Galaxy in Camelopardis - CDK reduced HRGB
LHaRGB image, ASI6200MM PRO, 1.3h exposure time, 1.1h integrated (80%), bad seeing (1.8-2.5"), full moon, bad conditions.
02.03.2023, 22:11:52


230102 Comet C2022 E3 ZTF - CDK17 reduced LRGB
LRGB image, motion corrected, tails enhanced, ASI6200MM PRO with Chroma color filters, 48 min integration time, mediocre seeing
03.01.2023, 09:03:10


230101 SH2-282 Monoceros Nebula - CDK reduced HGB
HGB image, ASI6200MM PRO, 1h integration time, pretty bad seeing (>2"), strongly pushed
03.01.2023, 19:27:54


221230 Rima Ariadaeus - half moon - CDK reduced R
Red filter, ASI6200MM PRO, happy imaging, 20ms exposure time, mediocre seeing (ca. 1.6")
10.01.2023, 22:41:44


221228 SH2-273 Cone Nebula Region - RASA36 HYO
HYO image, ASI6200MM PRO, 4.5h integration time, Hubble 4 pallette (modified), 3 nights with changing seeing from very good to bad.
04.03.2023, 15:53:32


221228 SH2-296 Seagull Nebula - RASA36 HYO
HYO image, ASI6200MM PRO, intergration time 3.3h, good seeing (around 1.3"-1.5") but low object.
29.12.2022, 15:14:44


221228 SH2-273 Cone Nebula Region - RASA36 HYO
HYO image reduced to black and white because of bad colors, ASI6200MM PRO, 2.5h integration time, good seeing (ca. 1.3")
30.12.2022, 12:40:39


221224 SH2-276 Barnards Loop North - Takahashi FSQ-106 HSO Spain remote
HSO image, FLI PL16083, Hubble III palette (modified), 5h integration time (from 6h, 80%), top seeing
26.04.2023, 20:06:51


221218 SH2-205 Peanut nebula - RASA36 HYB
HYB image, ASI6200MM PRO, 8.8h integration time, 120s-30s-30s, good to medium seeing (1.3-1.6"), 60% subs used
26.12.2022, 18:42:19


221227 Abell 85 - RASA36 H
H-alpha image of the Abell 85 supernova remnant. ASI6200MM PRO, Baader 3,5nm Ha "f2" filter, 3.9h exposition time, stars removed, contrast enhanced. Excellent seeing (1.1"-1.3") but very low object.
28.12.2022, 11:41:06


221213 IC410 Tadpole Nebula Region - HOO
HOO Image, ASI6200MM PRO, 242 Subs stacked, 8.1h integration time
18.12.2022, 13:15:38


221130 IC443 The Jellyfish Nebula - RASA36 HYB
HYB image, ASI6200MM PRO, 6.5h integration time, good to mediocre seeing (1.3-1.8"), 70% subs used
13.12.2022, 22:06:05


221128 CG4 God's Hand Nebula - Planewave CDK24 HRGB Chile remote
HRGB image, FLI ProLine PL9000, 11.5h integration time, TL network Chile remote.
24.11.2023, 22:21:13


221127 SH2-202 The Pazimos Cluster - RASA36 HYB
HYB image, ASI6200MM PRO, 4.7h integration time, good to very good seeing (1.3-1.6")
29.11.2022, 17:55:44


221123 SH2-229 Flame Nebula CDK reduced HSO
Narrowband HSO own paletteI, ASI6200MM PRO, 2.3h integration time, very good seeing around 1.1", new moon
26.11.2022, 11:01:59


221123 Huchra's lens with cutout - CDK reduced LRGB
LRGB image, ASI6200MM PRO, 997 subs with only 10s each, 200 subs selected from 997 (20%), total integration time 33min. medium seeing 1.4"-1.6", low object
26.11.2022, 14:00:38


221115 M45 Pleiaden RASA36 RGB
RGB image, ASI6200MM PRo, Astrodon color filter set, integration time 3h. medium seeing (1.4-1.7")
21.11.2022, 11:36:21


221112 SH2-220 California Nebula - RASA36 HYB
HYB image, ASI 6200MM PRO, 7.1h used exposition time in 662 subs. Medium seeing 1.4"-1.7"
20.11.2022, 07:54:10


221110 LDN 935 Dunkelwolkenkomplex - RASA36 HYO.
HYO image, ASI6200MM PRO, 11.7h used exposition time (from 13h), good to medium seeing (1.2" - 1.6"), sometimes fog and high clouds
18.11.2022, 20:08:35


221109 M39 Star Cluster - CDK reduced LRGB
LRGB image, AsSI6200MM PRO, 63' exposition time, 90% (57') integrated, Full moon, good seeing (1.3-1.4").
02.03.2023, 21:08:46


221107 SH2-158 Northern Lagoon Nebula - CDK reduced
Narrowband HSO, ASI6200MM PRO, exposition time 6.0h (from 12h) excellent to medium seeing (1.1-1.6")
08.11.2022, 13:24:28


221102 SH2-140 Prismis-Moreno Nebula - RASA36 HYB
HYB image, ASI 6200MM PRO, 7.1h exposition time, 5.7h (80%) used. Mediocre seeing 1.5"-1.9"
17.11.2022, 15:54:47


221101 NGC7822 Teddy Bear Nebula - RASA36
HaYB image mapped to RGB, ASI6200MM PRO, Exposure time 2,4h after images selection, medium Seeing 1.4'-1.8'
01.11.2022, 21:54:16


221030 IC63 The ghost of Cassiopeia - CDK reduced
HSO1-Narrowband image, ASI6200MM PRO, 5.5h exposure time, changing medium seeing 1.5 - 1.9
01.11.2022, 11:09:12


221028 IC1805 Heart Nebula 2x1 mosaic - RASA36
Hubble2-narrowband image, ASI6200MM PRO, mosaic 1x2 panes, 13.4h exposure time, changing seeing 1.3 - 1.9
30.10.2022, 19:49:57


221022 SH2-135 faint Nebula - RASA36
HSO1-palette narrowband image with ASI6200MM PRO, 3 nights, 8.1h exposure after selecting, 6.5h finally used (80%). medium to exeptional seeing (1.2'-1.7')
27.10.2022, 04:37:33


221018 M31 Andromeda galaxy 3x1 mosaic - RASA36
HaRGB Aufnahme mit ca. 16h Gesamtbelichtungszeit (3 Naechte), 3 Panes zusammengestzt (3x1), ASI 6200MM PRO, mittleres Seeing 1,5...1,8, viele durchziehende Wolken, Mondlicht
21.10.2022, 17:36:11


220905 SH2-157 Crab Nebula 1x2 mosaic - RASA36
Narrowband image HSO, HSO1 palette, ASI6200MM Pro, 2x1 mosaic, complete exposure time 18.2h, used 8.1h. Good Seeing 1.3...1.6'
23.10.2022, 16:18:53


220829 IC1318 Sadr Region 2x4 mosaic RASA36
Mosaik 2x4 mit 2,03 Gbyte Originaldateigroesse in APP gestackt und fusioniert, Belichtungszeit zusammen 22,6h (24 Panes mit je 60', davbon 95% verrechnet. HSO mit eigener Palette, Kamera ZWOO ASI6200MM PRO mit Baader f2 high speed Narrowbandfiltern
29.09.2022, 23:46:07


220829 IC1318 Sadr Region 2x4 mosaic RASA36
H-alpha Kanal aus einem 2x4 Mosaik, Originaldatei 23103x15402 Pixel, gestrecht, entsternt und leicht entrauscht
02.09.2022, 11:25:35


220822 Meteor direction NE
Die Aufnahme wurde zufaellig von meiner Allsykamera (Sony A7S) gemacht. Belichtungszeit 30s bei f2.8 mit einem Pergear fisheye mit 7,5mm Brennweite.
01.01.2014, 09:07:34


220816 SH2-115 The unknown Cycnus Nebula RASA36
Schmalbandaufnahme Hubble II (modifiziert), ASI6200MM PRO als 2x1 Mosaik, insgsamt 15,6h Belichtungszeit in drei Nächten, davon 12,5h verrechnet. Gutes Seeing 1,2...1,4".
22.08.2022, 15:50:35


220816 SH2-115 The unknown Cycnus Nebula - CDK reduced
Schmalbandaufnahme Hubble II (modifiziert), ASI6200MM PRO, insgsamt 15,3h Belichtungszeit in drei Naechten, davon 9,2h (60%) verrechnet. Gutes, zeitweise sehr Seeing 1,2...1,4".
23.08.2022, 09:37:04


220815 Barnard 147 Dark Nebula - CDK reduced
Schmalbandaufnahme Hubble II (modifiziert), ASI6200MM PRO, 5h verrechnete Belichtungszeit in einer Nacht. Gutes bis mittleres Seeing 1,3...1,6".
15.08.2022, 17:40:01


220812 SH2-119 Clamshell Nebula - RASA36
Schmalbandaufnahme Hubble II (modifiziert), ASI6200MM PRO, insgsamt 17,6h Belichtungszeit in vier Nächten, davon 14,1h (80%) verrechnet. Gutes, zeitweise sehr gutes Seeing 1,2...1,5".
26.08.2022, 13:04:34


220809 IC1396 Elephants trunk Nebula 2x2 mosaic - RASA36
Schmalbandaufnahme, Mosaik 2x2, ASI6200MM PRO, Hubble-II Palette (modifiziert). 14,9h Belichtungszeit (3 Naechte), 12 Panes gestackt und fusioniert. Gutes Seeing 1,2-1,6', fast Vollmond.
15.08.2022, 11:37:41


220808 SH2-134 Cepheus Super Bubble - RASA36
Schmalbandaufnahme RGB Palette (modifiziert), ASI6200MM PRO, insgsamt 11,1h Belichtungszeit in drei Naechten, davon 8,9h (80%) verrechnet. Gutes, zeitweise sehr gutes Seeing 1,2...1,5".
24.08.2022, 13:57:46


220804 SH2-132 Lion Nebula mosaic - RASA36
Schmalbandaufnahme Hubble II (modifiziert), ASI6200MM PRO als 2er Mosaik, 11,8h verrechnete Belichtungszeit in 3 Naechten. Gutes bis mittleres Seeing 1,5...1,7".
07.08.2022, 12:00:00


220804 SH2-132 Lion Nebula - CDK
Schmalbandaufnahme Hubble II (modifiziert), ASI6200MM PRO, 11,8h verrechnete Belichtungszeit in 3 Naechten. Gutes bis mittleres Seeing 1,5...1,7".
07.08.2022, 19:28:39


220722 SH2-103 Veil Nebula Widefield - RASA36
Narrowband HOO, ASI6200MM PRO, 7.2h Exposition time, good seeing
26.11.2022, 21:25:14


220721 IC1396D Kepheus Dark Nebula CDK reduced HSO
Schmalbandaufnahme HSO->RGB, Dunkelnebelbearbeitung, ASI6200MM PRO, 4,7h Expositionszeit, davon 3,7h verrechnet. Seeing mittel um 1,6".
21.07.2022, 15:28:07


220720 IC1396 Elephant Trunk Nebula crop - RASA36
Narrowband HSO Hubble II, ASI6200MM PRO, 4.7h Exposition time, 4.2h used (90%), good seeing
26.11.2022, 21:25:14

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